GorgeousPaws Japanese Spitz


please note pup can eat any dry food and it is best when you first get pup to make sure dry food is put in a bowl for the day so pup does not get hungry. I recomend just a good dry food a bowl full for the day. This prevents pup from gorging and starving until you get home.

If you like to make your own puppy food you can see below. Otherwise just buy dry food and fill a bowl for pup to eat throughout the day. This prevents pup from getting hungry or starving waiting for you to come home.


Mix 1/4 cup each together: Optimum Puppy Formula Chicken & Pedigree Puppy with chicken and rice. Let puppy self feed during the day.



Warm pets milk with egg yolk (egg every second day)

Chicken neck or drumstick (Must Be Raw only)



Biscuit and Chicken neck or drumstick



Steak mince or chicken mince raw (about the size of a rissole) and biscuit mix.

Always Leave Fresh Water Available


These biscuit mix can be feed, all of the dogs' life, maybe taking out the Pedigree Puppy at 12 mths of age and changing to Adult.

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