Interstate Flights

Flight information Changes Constantly and is a guide only


please note all costs include a pp20 flight crate, that pup flys in and you take pup home in.

If 2 pups are sharing a crate the crate will be a PP30- one person pays for the crate and takes it home.



your patience is required while flying pup interstate. ACT is the more difficult state to fly a pup at the moment. Perth has limited flights. The other states are more frequent. Pup must be 12 weeks for Qantas. At 12 weeks it is easier to fly pup if it's bumped off a flight as it can be transferred to any airline flying to get it there..

Flights to ACT- Canberra

Pick up address: 8 George Tyson Drive, Canberra Airport

 2 pups can share a crate halving the expense of the flight! and 2 pups on board a flight!. if both buyers are from the same state. The flight goes in both names and both parties have to be present to pick the puppies up.

pup is best flying at 12 weeks as it must get a connecting flight in Melbourne! If the connecting flight is cancelled then pup can fly another airline to get to ACT with qantas. Sometimes this is not possible, then pup has to fly back to Brisbane or (Sydney if you have a relative there). Then at least pup in Sydney is only a 3hr drive from you, it may be possible to cross boarders if you know or have someone in the transport industry..

Dogtainers can also transport pup but a 3hr drive would be $700. However more than one pup can be in a crate meaning that 2 of you in the same state can halve the expense...

Brisbane - ACT $279 DIRECT -at the moment with no direct flights pup must fly:

Brisbane to Melbourne stay overnight and catch a flight Melbourne to ACT- Canberra. The flight is $380 at the moment. * if connecting flight is cancelled pup must then fly to Sydney or Brisbane. Pups to the ACT must be 12 weeks as pup can fly qantas or virgin giving us a better chance with more flight options. 

Prices are subject to change

Melbourne - Victoria

Brisbane to Melbourne $270.00


Sydney - NSW


Flight: Brisbane to Sydney $267 most flights to other states are passing through Sydney!



Brisbane to Perth $ 292.00 flights vary to more than 1 or 2 per week due to Virus. Perth has a few flights and if puppy is bumped off a flight it could be 1/2 weeks before the next one. But pup must be 12 weeks to fly Qantas.

*qantas is flying Brisbane -  Sydney - Perth $369.00

South Australia - Adelaide

SA you are another state that is going to be difficult! Will just have to see when the time comes best flying qantas as qantas has not cancelled a scheduled flight so far !

have to get a quote on this one...$


Townsville Qld

havent flown a pup to Townsville yet will keep you posted



Will get a quote soon- as I Have a pup flying in one litter to Tassy.

Can't offer pups until later in the year. September pups.


Cloncurry/Mt Isa

Regional airport -and cannot offer pups until later in the year..

Cairns - North Qld





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