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Heart Worm:

Follow your vet's direction and packet instructions. Ask at pups next vaccination. Some vets give a tablet or the needle. If getting the yearly needle be informed when you are told it lasts 12 months, it actually lasts 18 months. The needle is given yearly for convenience that you will remember. 

Tablets- will last either monthly or 3 monthly depending on what you buy.

General Worming:

Your puppy has been wormed with liquid drontal every 2 weeks since birth and will be done usually by the vet prior to departure to pups forever home.

Every 3 months with Drontal for small dogs or monthly with other brands.


Follow directions on the packet as different brands vary. I'm currently using Nexguard.


All our pups are given either a C3 Vaccination or a C4 vaccination and sometimes a C5 vaccination just depending on what is available on the day. 

C5 vaccination is usually reccommended if you are going to put your dog into a kennel, as it can help prevent kennel cough. C5 is reccommended as the booster vaccine when pup is 12 months.


*Never take puppy out until pup has had at least the first 2 vaccinations and wait at least one week after the second vaccination to make sure pup is safe.

one at 8 weeks and 12 weeks of age.

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