GorgeousPaws Grooming


Brushing The Coat:

Always spray the coat with water and a teaspoon Bay Rum (from chemist) in a spray bottle, massage into coat then brush with pin brush no bigger than your palm. Always brush upwards from the tip of the tail to the head, then let puppy shake, coat will fall beautiful - brush up dogs legs and under arm back and front and ears.


Teach puppy as his new teeth come through to have his teeth brushed after meals - get a doggy tooth brush and paste. Aways have chew toys while pup is teething the first 12 months.


Trim between the toes and pads and around the feet to keep tidy, This is very important if you have timber verandahs- as it prevents slipping. Trimming can be done as you do pups nails. 


I suggest clip or file every week, a small bastard file can be used. Visits to the vet when getting vaccination can include getting dogs nails clipped.


Every three to six months or when necessary, any other time sponge coat with hot water, then sprinkl with Baby Powder through the wet coat and let dry, then brush out.


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