Purchasing a GorgeousPaws Puppy

Purchase of a Gorgeouspaws Puppy

Bank Details: Leeanne Nolan

Commonwealth Bank BSB: 062692 Account: 48034556

Breeders are welcome to enquire and may be considered for a puppy. (DNA profile is only required by Qld law for Breeder's breeding dogs. DNA is not required for pet puppies only pups entire and that are going to be breeding dogs).

Please note as I have had a lot of enquiries I am asking for a $500 deposit prior to birth. This will be refunded if I am unable to give you a pup of chosen sex (male or female). Otherwise Non-refundable.


Entire (must register to become a breeder.) This means the paper work is in the office. Please don't lie to me...I dont have the time for that.


A deposit of $500 non refundable will secure your puppy when pup is born. Payments are made after that how you see fit. For example

Please note this is an example it does not represent the cost of a pup I may be advertising. Pup for example may be $5,000- $500 deposit leaving $4,500 to pay prior to vet visit for desexing. Or if pup is $6,000 then the same applies. Pup flight or road transport Cost is seperate and at your own expense. Pup payments can be made over a 8-12 week period. Everyone does it different some people pay deposit then full remainding amount with flight inlc as its less hassle. It is up to you. Money banked must be tagged with pups name or your name so we can both keep track. I had one couple who paid $200 per week for their pup over 12 weeks then a final amount prior to flight. What ever works for you is ok with me!

Puppy Purchase Includes: 

1st vaccination- C3,C4 or C5- depending on availability with the vet (usually C3) worming, vet check, microchip, desexed (disolvable stitches) depending on the vet if not pup will go back 10-14 days later to have stitches taken out, Puppy Birthcertificate- limited Registraion pedigree with Canine Control Council Qld, transport to airport (I drive pup to the airport). If I cant transport pup to the airport dogtainers picks the pup going to airport this cost is $250.


In these extreme circumstatnces I have had to travel to the airport more than once in a day due to flight cancellations...


Puppy Pack: 

17/8/20 Due to Covid19 A puppy pack will depend on wether I can get the items. Interstate may not get the 3kg of puppy food but so far I have been able to supply them.

PUPPY Pack will consist of or similar to: a 3kg Eukanuba puppy dry food pack, worming tablet, and a flea tablet, chewy for the teeth, toy, puppy pad, small tin of wet food. Puppy contents vary due to COVID restrictions. So far Eukanuba has been fantastic with their delivery and I have not missed a puppy pack for a client yet!

Please refer to my website tabs on care, grooming and feeding puppy.



Flying pup Interstate


Sydney- Dogtainers are advising best way to get pup is by road transport $430.00 IF IT IS COVID LOCKDOWN AND NO FLIGHTS AVAILABLE.


Tasmania I believe is very limited.

I do fly pups interstate with Dogtainers. I can organise this at your cost or you can organise the flight yourself but I try to get pups in the one litter to fly out on the same day. (Please refer to the other tabs on my site for this information)


My Breeders are bred from separately imported lines: 

Gorgeouspaws puppies have to date, been free from any known health problems. 
I primarily breed companion dogs / pups with sociable - calm temperaments.


Contact Details

Lee Nolan
Glenore Grove, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0400242466
Email : [email protected]