GorgeousPaws Purchase Conditions

Puchasing Conditions

A $500 non refundable deposit is required to secure pup when pup is born. And paper work to be done ASAP. Pups are desexed, micro, vaccinated,

You will be sent documents (limited Registration) required by the CCCQ dogs Qld for registering your puppy. You will have to pick 2 names for your pup preference 1 and 2. This is required by the doggy council to register pup with one of your chosen names (usually the first preference) for pups birthcertifcate.

PLEASE NOTE (pups pedigree/birthcert)

I have to have all pups paid for, all information and documents signed then I have to fiil in the paper work and send it into Dogs Qld. The paper work can then take up to a month or more depending on the time of the year for the certificates to be sent to me.. Then I have to post them to you...If one person who bought a pup in the litter has not sent paper work back it holds up all certificates from being done (the whole litter) can be painful!!


The information is also given to the vet for registering pups microchip and desexing papers and vet records (vaccinations) that come to you when pup flys out or is picked up. It is important that you do fill it in properly as if pup is ever lost microchip details and back up person registered on that form is essential to you getting pup back.


At this time there will be limited visits to the house as I would on a weekly basis for you to see pup it will be every 2 weeks or as organised between us. You will recieve photos and video of your puppy weekly. 

Contact Details

Lee Nolan
Glenore Grove, QLD, Australia
Phone : 0400242466
Email : [email protected]